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At the beginning of September, HTEC Nis saw another generation of interns graduating from our summer internship program, which aims to enable talented students to showcase their knowledge in a practical way and get to know the industry a little better. With this being the third consecutive program, we can safely say that the grounds for another tradition have been laid down.

htec internship

The seven interns joined forces to bring about an interesting project that encompasses a wide range of technologies – a ping pong ball launching robot, and an app for organizing table tennis tournaments. The project required dabbling in hardware, firmware, mobile, networking, backend, and frontend technologies, and it was chosen specifically as it reflects most of the current trends in the industry. To assure that everything goes smoothly, each of the interns was assigned a mentor specialized in a particular tech.

htec internship

The project required the development of API, admin panel, as well as iOS and Android applications. API was written in .NET Core, one of the most innovative .NET frameworks, by Marko Milušev. Aleksandar Benić was responsible for the development of the admin panel, by working in the JS framework, React. Aleksandra Stanojević and Mladen Stojanović developed the Android and iOS applications, which were imagined as the user-end apps the project. The four developers were supported by Dalibor Aleksić, who acted as tam’s system administrator, being responsible for the server maintenance. Finally, Anđela Kocić and Dušan Dimitrijević developed the hardware prototype of the robot.

htec internship

The internship gave the participants a chance to work in a fully agile environment, which required familiarization with the SCRUM methodology, as well as JIRA and Git platforms. During the six weeks, the interns got to find out the inner workings of an IT company and the complete project implementation lifecycle. And, thanks to the dedication and knowledge of the participants, as well as the guiding hands of the mentors, the robot was up and running in time.

Additionally, HTEC Niš held a separate internship for 3D modeling and rendering, which included model optimization in Unity engine, Tango AR technology, as well as working in Maya, ZBrush, Substance Painter, and other programs. The internship was attended by Mile Zlatanović, who will be joining HTEC’s VR/AR team.

Seeing how the internships were a glowing success, HTEC hopes to continue providing quality experiences to future engineers. While there’s only one group internship a year, be sure to check our careers page for individual internships – those are always featured.

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