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Attracting & Retaining Customers in a Time of Change

Magnus Holst, a Global Head of Retail Experience at Polestar, shares his many years’ experience with Polestar, an electric performance car brand, and unveils tips and tricks on how to attract customers and keep them engaged with brands.

You are allowed to make mistakes as long as you don’t repeat them too many times, but it is important to keep on trying to get closer to the customer, and if you don’t dare to deviate from anything, you will not be able to innovate.

– Magnus Holst

Recently we had an amazing opportunity to talk to Magnus Holst, an all-around marketeer whose current role is a global head of retail experience at Polestar. Inspired by his immense experience and knowledge and eager to find out more about his accomplishments, career challenges, Polestar company, and the story behind its success and products, we chatted with him on various topics from his professional and private life.

Listen to this podcast to find out more about our special guest. You will learn about:

  • What current trends are influencing him on both a professional and personal level
  • The biggest changes on the global market, from his point of view
  • What company’s projects he is most proud of
  • The company’s ambitions and ultimate goals
  • How Covid-19 impacted industries worldwide
  • What steps he has to take to improve customer experience
  • How he sees the product differentiation and what a Polestar’s ideal tribe of customers is
  • His favorite type of Whiskey
  • What keeps him going through the toughest challenges
  • What he does to get inspired daily
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Who is Magnus Holst?

Magnus has 25 years of communication development, retail innovation, brand marketing, and CRM/loyalty. His mission is to attract customers, simplify their journey to product and encourage them to stay with the brand.

Before joining Polestar as a Global Head of Retail Experience, he worked as a Communication and Loyalty Manager for Ingka Group, a company mostly known for its global retail brand IKEA, for more than a decade. At IKEA, he first worked as a Global Range Communicator for Home Organisation and then became Global Marketing & Communication Leader for Cooking & Eating.

He lives in Malmo, Sweden. When not working, he likes to spend time with his family or play golf with his friends. Exploring the Swedish culinary scene and savoring different types of Scottish Whiskey unwinds him.

He believes that only empowered and engaged people create a positive and motivating work climate, ultimately leading to success.

His mantra is: All dimensions need to work together to attract new customers and keep the current ones engaged.

About Polestar

Polestar is a Swedish automotive brand with headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden and vehicle production taking place in China. In 2017, it became a separate company from a car industry giant Volvo making fully electric luxury cars. It is a design-focused electric performance car brand harnessing refined performance and cutting-edge technology.

Polestar develops electric performance cars and offers engine software optimization and performance hardware upgrades. Combined with hassle-free ownership and comprehensive customer experience, Polestar offers seamless integration into your (digital) life. Their products are excellent, efficient, and entertaining, guiding their industry forward through pure, progressive performance.

They innovate to drive progress and are committed to becoming a part of a new age of sustainable electric mobility allowing them to drive change towards a climate-neutral, sustainable, hassle-free, and strikingly beautiful future.

Being laser-focused on uncompromised design and technology, their mission is to bring pleasure into a new era and create vehicles that would improve the society we live in.

Polestar technology

Since its beginnings, when Polestar started producing cars under its brand and logo, it has brought to the fore what its partners, compatriots, and owners never did: sleek, minimalistic, and distinctly modern design. The company’s goal is to blend high-tech offerings with modern Swedish styling. It has built two models:

  • The Polestar 1 is a fully electric five-door plug-in hybrid coupe with a gas engine that combines with three electric motors for 591 horsepower.
  • The Polestar 2, sedan-like hatchback – an all-electric performance hybrid vehicle, made with no compromise, with a 402-hp rating, an estimated driving range of 275 miles, and the lifted ride height of a crossover.

Polestar has now joined forces with partners and is on the mission to leverage Vehicle-to-X (V2X) technology to enable electric vehicles to act as power sources when plugged into the grid. They are focused on bringing this technology to life in their future products. 

Polestar Sustainability Strategy 

Being a guiding star to sustainability, Polestar is taking concrete steps to design a car that leaves the factory gates with a zero-carbon footprint and, therefore, achieves net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. 

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