Connecting the Maritime Transportation Ecosystem

Orbit is a maritime intelligence platform that helps maritime companies operate their fleets more efficiently, profitably and sustainably. HTEC Group has helped our client develop a complete platform solution, with a beautiful real-time vessel tracking and performance interface, powered by Big Data and a plethora of integration options.


Maritime and shipping industries have historically been fragmented with carefully guarded trade secrets and siloed systems for mission critical back-office operations like scheduling voyages, cargo tracking, route planning, invoicing, and reporting on key metrics managed across different systems and even spreadsheets. Such ways of operation have made fleet operations complicated, decision making disoriented, and have resulted in thin margins and long vessel idling times.

The availability and richness of data coming from various sources are growing exponentially and opening doors for more efficient fleet management. It is widely accepted that data is the basis for smart decision-making and even more so in the industry where the consequences of poor decisions are counted in millions of dollars.

In the maritime sector, strategic and operational decisions need to take into account the dynamic and real-time data coming from internal and external sources within multiple locations around the world, as well as the fact that, everything changes all the time from weather to traffic at ports to fluctuations in commodity prices to piracy.

The product that HTEC Group has developed in cooperation with OrbitMI experts serves as a single source of truth for our clients’ vessels. It integrates easily with most of the solutions that maritime companies already use, thus reducing the disruption and allowing a fast and flawless switch to better intelligence, tighter operations and possible collaboration.

In short, OrbitMI Inc.’s unique maritime intelligence product integrates and connects different data and systems. Orbit is a fully functioning suite of applications built explicitly to integrate data from other sources and transform the data into visualizations that help end users make decisions. It offers an open and flexible integration layer that makes Orbit behave like a platform—it can connect data sets and other software programs. The availability and easiness of integrations is the key. What makes Orbit revolutionary is the fact that it allows companies to transform without having to toss out existing systems.

One of the main challenges that our teams have encountered is the issue of poor internet connection of the fleets. Despite the advancements of modern technology, vessels are still often just periodically connected to the internet or they have a very poor signal quality in the open seas. To overcome this challenge our engineers have found a way to collect the vessel data though offline reporting tools.

The Orbit maritime intelligence platform that HTEC Group has developed in cooperation with OrbitMI’s maritime experts serves as a single source of truth about every vessel.


HTEC Group is OrbitMI’s main technology partner on this project.

In order to create a robust and highly scalable solution, our teams, under the leadership of OrbitMI, have collaborated on all the phases of product development from strategic planning and industry assessment, through product discovery, development and innovation, to building a Mission-Impossible control deck with a beautiful UI which allows for real-time vessel visalizations, to finally supporting continuous integrations with new partners and clients.

In this capacity, we have designed and delivered a beautiful platform which integrates with existing maritime software solutions, allowing maritime enterprises to utilize information from various sources and tools they already use on top of the modules that this cloud-based enterprise-grade SaaS platform offers out of the box.


Platformization of the maritime industry has long been needed to improve the coordination and synchronization within the self-organizing maritime ecosystem where each involved player adds value by adjusting to other’s plans and progress in order to optimize their productivity, achieve sustainability and reduce carbon footprint in the long run.

Our platform allows maritime enterprises to see the big picture and extract the value from big data, coming from different data feeds and software, but also from the platform’s in-built modules for competitive intelligence, vessel tracking, commercial operations, routing, decarbonization compliance, and much more.

Orbit absorbs data from siloed systems in a single point of view, empowering maritime players to manage more vessels with the same staff, yielding productivity gains of more than 60%, not to mention annual ROI measured in the millions and reduction of tens of thousands of CO2 emissions.

The maritime and shipping intelligence product is revolutionizing the industry by integrating and harmonizing the previously fragmented ecosystem.