Getting Smart About Energy Management

HTEC developed the complete Smart Energy Management System as a turnkey solution for an ECD client (Electricity Commercial Distribution). The solution enables full control over the management and distribution of electric energy and at the same time offers a high quality of service and better customer experience for the end-users.

The Challenge

The possibility to adapt quickly is crucial, and that is why the powerful solutions are needed everywhere.

The main problems electricity distribution companies are facing include managing the load, demand, and supply of electricity in real time and remote energy consumption reading. On the financial side, high levels of revenue leakage and fraud drastically influence monthly profit levels. Low efficiency of customer order management was not helping the cause as well.

Businesses today are under more pressure than ever before to be simultaneously profitable, sustainable, and transparent, which creates a whole new set of struggles.

The Capacity

HTEC’s energy intelligence solution features high quality, and easy to implement hardware, supported by cloud and mobile-based software. The software provides the client with all the functionalities and business intelligence information needed to measure and control the business successfully. The cloud platform enables improved efficiency through remote power consumption data gathering and analysis, precise energy consumption forecast, prepaid and on-demand billing, and trend analysis.

Smart Meters which HTEC team developed, as part of the hardware system, are advanced power meters capable of remote reading of energy consumption of any user in the electrical grid. They allow connecting or disconnecting individual users from the network at any time. Well-integrated hardware system enables future upgrades in performance, security and quick scalability.

The client can now provide individualized tariffs for premium and non-premium customers regardless of their geographic location. They can offer dynamic tariffing models and remote activation, suspension or deactivation of individual or batches of meters.

Additionally, the customers can manage their own electricity usage, influence bills and switch to an appropriate tariff via self-service through custom made mobile and web platforms. Therefore, the power supply on demand improves the experience, eliminates the bill shock and enables the customers to have more control of their electricity consumption.

The Success

Energy intelligence solution enables the complete customer management process, precise tracking of the consumption and disabling revenue leakages, thus providing more control to the client. Moreover, the higher quality of service and better customer experience for the end users position the client ahead of the competition, bringing in more customers, and increasing the profit.

Energy intelligence solutions for higher quality of service and better customer experience.