Increasing Corporate Social Responsibility Management

Verso started as a static web page, which has, over time and with the help of HTEC, grown to become a trail-blazing multi-tenant SaaS platform.

The Capacity

The primary goal of the platform was to provide an effective and easy-to-use tool for sustainability reporting, management, and monitoring of different customizable parameters (KPIs, GRIs, actions, targets). Nonetheless, the platform offered the possibility to communicate relevant CSR-Data to a different stakeholder. The platform is based on cutting-edge web technologies that are leveraged through the HTEC’s know-how and expertise.

Gradually, as the customer’s business needs became more demanding, the requirements started steering the further development of the platform, aiming it to the modular business tool that should cover a broader range of features and address different needs. Standard corporate responsibility reporting is just one of the features, while innovative real-time reports, dashboards, and advanced options offer the biggest benefits to C-level executives.

The platform now generates different types of standardized reports, like GRI, provides powerful features for tracing various types of materials, ingredients and their responsible sourcing, and enables users to define targets and track KPIs.

From the classical CSR approach to a complete software-based online management tool.

The Success

With the ability to customize features and packages that are being used, the customers can completely tailor the platform according to their needs. The advantages of the platform were quickly recognized by large companies in the central Europe area such as Germany, Austria, and Finland. Large and medium-sized companies such as Nestlé Deutschland AG, Entega AG, Kotipizza Group and many more successfully use the platform and enjoy constant expansion through innovative functions.

Transition to the growth phase.

“We Are All Mobile-First”: Reimagining Management

Quinyx is a Scandinavian market leader in SaaS Workforce Management and is helping businesses reduce costs and enjoy work with mobile-first, cloud-based workforce planning software. Its modular product provides support for managers and employees, enabling functions like scheduling and task management, thus saving time, and allowing their customers to run their businesses more efficiently.

Platform Power Moves Enterprise Culture

For over 30 years, Great Place to Work has been a leader in the field of company culture, helping organizations build high-trust workplace environments and drive success through employee motivation. In the effort to create outstanding platform experience for their clients based on big data and AI technology, GPTW partnered with HTEC.

VR Shopping Experience

Trillenium wanted to revolutionize online shopping by enabling users to shop within the virtual representations of their favorite shops. In due course, they recognized the potential of VR as a technology and decided to create a platform that would host a number of shops which wanted to expand their businesses to “the virtual realm.”