VR Shopping Experience

Trillenium had wanted to revolutionize online shopping by enabling users to shop within virtual representations of their favorite shops. They quickly recognized the potential of VR as a technology and decided to create a platform that would host a number of shops interested in expanding their businesses to “the virtual realm.”

The Challenge

A couple of years after the birth of the concept (that is now Trillenium), VR technology matured enough to be able to support a fully functional application, proving that virtual shopping can become a reality.

The idea of virtual shopping is not a revolutionary one. However, for many years, the technological constraints did not allow the idea to come to fruition, despite numerous attempts.

The Capacity

Trillenium’s idea was to create a virtual environment that is as close as possible to a real-life shop, in terms of graphics, while retaining good application performance. This proved to be quite a challenge since the app was being developed for mobile phones. Trillenium wanted to make the VR experience available to everyone at the lowest price possible and with existing infrastructure in mind. In this endeavor, HTEC joined forces with the architectural 3D visualization studio GrayRoom.

By using their smart modeling techniques, such as light baking, we were able to create a realistic environment that most mobile devices had no trouble rendering. To make the experience even more realistic and bring the virtual shop to life, animated characters were introduced to simulate the presence of other customers. The idea was to show the potential and bigger picture of the Trillenium VR Shop – a place where users had their own virtual avatars and could interact with other customers in the virtual store, shopping together.

The Success

With such great potential, from both the user experience and business point of view, Trillenium became one of the pioneers in the virtual online shopping industry and is now exploring the possibilities of AR for the same purposes.

HTEC successfully laid the groundwork for the future Trillenium virtual shopping platform.