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Podcast Host:
Niko Slavnić, Chief of Growth

Groundbreaking ideas, top thinkers, and some of the world's best disruption stories

What does being a leader mean for you? The Industry 4.0, spurred by the fluidity of business today, requires a radically new type of entrepreneur. With focus on technology and innovation, we explore what it takes for a leader to become more than just a leader and transform him or herself into the driver of change on a massive scale. FastForward aims to inspire actions that challenge the status quo by encouraging new perspectives.

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Shaping the New Possible through Employee Experience 

Nick Gallo

Chief Servant and Co-CEO of ComplianceLine


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How Technology Will Shape the Future of Retail

Daniel Bobroff

Head of Retail at HTEC Group


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Employee Experience as an Innovation Enabler

Michael C. Bush

CEO at Great Place to Work®


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Transformative Power of Health Innovation

Frank Jaskulke

VP Intelligence at Medical Alley Association


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Shape Culture, Drive Strategy

Aditya Bandi

Head of Product of the Marketplace at Cabify


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Tech as the Key Enabler of Superior Customer Experience

John Shewell

Director of Communications at wefox


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Gaining Competitive Advantage beyond the Time of Crisis

Anshu Prasad

CEO and Co-Founder of Leaf Logistics


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Attracting & Retaining Customers in a Time of Change

Magnus Holst

Global Head of Retail Experience at Polestar


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Leveraging Partnerships in Medical Innovation

Ann E Holder

CEO at Odonata Health Inc.


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Women Leaders — Global Tech Executive on Innovation in Large Teams

Maya Strelar-Migotti

C-Level Executive | Product Innovation


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Coaching Exceptional Deep Tech Companies

Sasha Ostojic

Operating Partner at Playground Global

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