Jun 11, 2021

6 min read

Digitalising the Frontline Is No Longer a Nice-to-Have — It’s an Imperative

Lawrence Whittle, the CEO of Parsable on current global megatrends that are making waves on market, the impact of digital on industries worldwide, Parsable’s mission, vision and their successful collaboration with HTEC Group. 

The whole concept of democratizing technology for the masses is really, really inspiring to see… So I’m super proud about the concept of democratization because a lot of digital has been somewhat discriminatory towards a certain type of knowledge worker, whereas we now know the benefits of our market…We can democratize this and make it available to someone in West Africa or someone in Cambodia.”

In this Fast Forward episode, we had the pleasure to talk to another thought-leader with outstanding experience, knowledge and background story — Lawrence Whittle, CEO of Parsable, a company that empowers frontline workers with modern digital tools to help improve safety, productivity and quality at scale. We wanted to pick his brains and find more about his view of current global trends, market across industries and the powerful and successful collaboration between Parsable and HTEC Group.

Listen to the podcast to hear his amazing story. You will learn more about:

  • Current global megatrends making disruptions across industries 
  • The impact of digital on frontline workers 
  • How demographic shift is accelerating the adoption of digital solutions 
  • The biggest benefit of digital in industrial world 
  • Democratizing technology as an inspiration that drives Parsable 
  • The company’s vision and mission 
  • What makes Parsable stand out from the crowd 
  • The challenges he has come across 
  • How HTEC Group helped Parsable accelerate their platform 


Digital Vision: Empowering the Frontline


You can also listen to the podcast on Spotify, Anchor.

Lawrence is truly a global citizen and a software veteran who drives the strategic vision and business direction of the Parsable company. During the last two decades he has led companies in over 10 countries, all of them focused on developing enterprise software solutions that help the world’s organizations on their digital transformation journeys. He is the CEO of Parsable, a company that offers a connected worker platform for industrial workers with modern digital tools to improve productivity, quality and safety. A member of the World Economic Forum’s Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Parsable helps companies gain unprecedented insight into human work by capturing essential data to improve their operations.

Lawrence is truly passionate about his work and really proud that Parsable is focused on the concept of democratizing technology to the masses allowing people living in the remotest areas to leverage the power of tech to improve the quality of their lives. 

The whole concept of democratizing technology for the masses is really, really inspiring to see…So I’m super proud about the concept of democratization because a lot of digital has been somewhat discriminatory towards a certain type of knowledge worker, whereas we now know the benefits of our market…We can democratize this and make it available to someone in West Africa or someone in Cambodia…And what’s interesting about those markets, those people are super aspirational because they’ve had no technology. The first technology they’ve ever had is mobile. So guess what? They picked this up.” 

He points out that they have been fortunate enough to be a part of the biggest market in the world that is focusing only on the human and their needs. 

“People don’t realize that you and I that sit at the desk, that’s about 20 percent of the workforce. Eighty percent actually don’t sit in an office anyway, so it’s a very, very, very big workforce. So it’s underserved and underrepresented…We’re really empowering the human, and I think that’s really where the opportunity is…And it’s more like a consumer experience.”

With digital reshaping the world and the future ahead of us, Lawrence uncovers key megatrends that are making the biggest impact worldwide — the new way of working caused and accelerated by the pandemic, flexibility that everyone is going to expect and hyper-customization. Lawrence goes on to explain that digital has had an impact on each and every sector for the last decade predominantly accelerated by some other factors that revolve around demographic shift. 

“So you’ve got four generations. The youngest are baby boomers…Then you’ve got my generation, then you’ve got millennials and then you’ve got GenZE. So you’ve got four generations working. And in less than five years domestically here in North America, seventy five percent of the industrial workforce will be millennials.”

When it comes to the current situation on the market, Lawrence brings attention to the frontline workers and their major role in the industrial world. He points out how the pandemic caused a change in supply chain driving businesses to think of ways to build more resilience into it. 

“…Frontline workers are demanding modern digital tools because that’s the way they operate in their life. So that’s one of the really interesting things…So I think what digital is going to do is put more resilience into things, more connectivity…It is becoming an existential risk, if you don’t deploy digital to frontline workers…”

It has become an imperative to find a way to empower workers to stay in the industry. Lawrence believes that in order to achieve this, organisations must grab their attention with modern digital tools and then capture a new source of data, human activity, they can then leverage to improve workers’ productivity and well-being. It’s the workers’ happiness and satisfaction that is the company’s focus. 

“That whole benefit of digital is an easy way to drive compliance and capture data on what really went on to basically improve the outcomes of people. So many injuries occur in the industrial world. There are so many problems with food safety. Well, this is all because it’s all dark data. Now you’ve got the ability to start to capture that. You actually raised the probability of actually a good outcome. So that’s what’s also very exciting, this new set of data.”

Finally, Lawrence shared his impression of the collaboration between Parsable and HTEC Group explaining that one of the things he found really amazing is HTEC Group’s ability to really blend in into their culture and help them accelerate their transformation. 

One final thing I would say is that HTEC makes an extra effort to understand the culture of our company … and of course it’s about on-time quality delivery that’s one of the key things we’ve seen early in the relationship.”

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