Feb 18, 2022

3 min read

Shaping the New Possible through Employee Experience 

Nick Gallo, Chief Servant and Co-CEO of ComplianceLine, on latest industry trends, his outstanding experience and how ComplienceLine helps companies around the globe transform their organizations by building strong authentic cultures.  

Over the next 5 years, companies which authentically try to create a truly inclusive culture that lets people bring their whole selves to work, those companies are just going to separate in meaningful ways from their competitors. 

Brand new Fast Forward episode is on! This time our Niko Slavnic caught up with Nick Gallo, Chief Servant and Co-CEO of ComplianceLine, to hear his perspectives on latest industry trends, his outstanding experience and ambitions and how ComplienceLine helps companies around the globe improve their organizations by mitigating risks, engaging employees and building strong authentic cultures.  

Nick Gallo, HTEC Group

About the Speaker  

Nick Gallo is Chief Servant and Co-CEO of ComplianceLine, which provides compliance solutions to some of the largest organizations in the world, and the only millennial CEO of a compliance company. Nick is a Certified Public Accountant and has worked with and analyzed hundreds of organizations over his career in advisory services, private equity, and compliance, and has seen first-hand the transformative impact compliance and culture can have on generating sustainably superior results. A first-generation American son of a Cuban refugee and member of Mensa International, Nick is student of behavioral economics and organizational psychology, and is a thought leader in the compliance and culture space who has dedicated his life to serving — his community, clients, team — in order to make the world a better workplace. 

He is truly raising the bar in bringing Human back into HR and ensuring that all team members are treated with respect and have a way to report issues without fear of reprimand. 

Listen to the podcast to hear his amazing story. You will learn more about:   

  • How prioritization values of different generations affect business transformation  
  • Why building an authentic culture is a road to success 
  • How providing top-notch EX requires a profound reorientation away from a traditional top-down model 
  • How tailored experience will strengthen employee purpose
  • Psychological safety as a key element of employee experience  
  • The core values and ambitions of ComplienceLine  

About ComplianceLine  

ComplianceLine is the nation’s leading provider of outsourced ethics, compliance, and HR services — intake hotlines, case management, screening & monitoring, and compliance training. Built by Compliance Consultants especially to serve the acute needs of Compliance Officers and HR professionals. ComplianceLine is passionate about servanthood and changing the world by improving organizations, reducing risk, and reinforcing cultures that give people a voice. 

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