Jul 01, 2021

2 min read

Speed of Change: How Technology and Frameworks Are Reshaping Our World  

Tim Wagner is a man of many hats. He is an inspiring thought-leader, Angel investor, champion for affordable housing & reversing climate change, and a Founder of Stealth Startup. 

…So you see more and more people are actually leaving academia and even government and starting companies with the idea that it is actually a faster and better way to change the world, and that gives me a lot of optimism for the future especially in healthcare and energy.” — Tim Wagner, Angel Investor

Another great Fast Forward episode is on! This time we chatted with another inspiring thought-leader Tim Wagner, Angel investor, champion for affordable housing & reversing climate change. 

Tim Wagner is a man of many hats. His passion is to connect people, build stronger communities and give back alongside diverse, action-oriented rebels. He likes solving problems by using a combination of valuable, scalable and tangible technologies. He describes himself as a person who thrives in ambiguous, rapidly evolving areas and seeks opportunities at the intersection of things. 

He has spent 5+ years working in Asia and 10+ years leading global growth. He has experience in a variety of domains from enterprise, startup, academic, media to non-profit, and governmental organizations. 

Listen to the podcast to hear his fantastic story. You will find out more about: 

  • Global trends and changes that impact the market 
  • How technology is making an impact worldwide
  • His passions and interests
  • What companies should do to make a positive change in the world
  • Energy as the main component we need in life
  • How to differentiate in the ever-increasing market
  • And so much more


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