Core Technology

Partnering with the world’s top providers to deliver core technology that helps build a better world.

Prototyping and product design

We excel at bringing a concept or design to fruition. By applying our cross-technology engineering expertise we prototype quickly and deliver production-grade product design of hardware, software, firmware and mechanics vital for devices and technology development.

Core technology development

Our enterprise solutions leverage emerging technologies like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data science, DSP, Robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), Custom electronics and Embedded systems, to power billion-dollar businesses across Retail, Transportation, Energy Management, Medical and Multimedia industries.


When it comes to hardware prototyping, we make sure our designs undergo enterprise-level testing and help you choose the most suitable manufacturer, at best terms. When it comes to certification, our experience in global certification of innovative devices makes us the right match for your next product venture.


We combine top grade off-the-shelf technology with custom technology design and development to build hardware platforms empowered by porting DSP and ML/AI algorithms, and we integrate them with cloud services such as AWS, Azure, custom and open source solutions.

Our experience

Our work


Fighting mental illness with neurotechnology

The Systems-Based Neurotechnology for Emerging Therapies (SUBNETS) program uses neurotechnology as the basis for effective, informed, and precise treatments for neuropsychiatric illnesses in military service members.


The success

Equipped with cutting-edge neurotechnology in the form of the SUBNETS system and its implantable devices, clinicians are now able to make informed decisions and prescribe precise neurotechnological therapy to achieve major improvements in the quality of life of the people with the neuropsychological illness who have very few options with the existing treatments.

Understanding how brain functions.


Sasha Ostojic

Operating Partner at Playground Global


Coaching Exceptional Deep Tech Companies

Sasha Ostojic, Operating Partner at Playground Global and Advisor at HTEC, on his 30+ years of Silicon Valley career working on the cutting edge of technology innovation, the beginning of AI, his experience in scaling extraordinary startups, and his view on autonomous driving.

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Product design and development:


Through a structured data-to-solution methodology, we build models and prototypes which create the basis for your product's journey to ship millions of software, hardware & embedded solutions.


From production preparation through Black box testing, all the way to operational manufacturing, we design modular deep-tech systems capable of capturing your market’s highest value streams.


At first, we collect indispensable data from early prototypes. With your market on our mind, we then proceed to full development, launch and distribution of the core tech behind your new product.


System design & research

The dynamics and speed of data science and artificial intelligence advancements open up an indefinite space for innovation. To turn ideas into solid proof-of-concepts we apply our award-winning creative skill set, which combined with experience and expertise, results in an original problem-solving approach and inventive solutions. Starting with a PoC and getting quickly to a demonstrable model, helps us to establish a trustworthy relationship with a client, and builds confidence in a successful collaboration from the very beginning. Combining the industry know-how with the latest technology trends, we make sure that we hit the mark from the first iteration.

Product to market strategy

Innovative ways to lower the costs of production by clear product-to-market vision and execution based on repeated success in delivering high impact products used by millions.

Analytics & optimization

Identifying the correct business problem is a common pitfall and the main reason why data-related projects fail. With expertise in data science and business analytics, supported by strong business acumen, our data teams derive intelligence to empower you with confidence and trust in the decisions you make.

Disruption from within

Helping our customers monetize on the innovative core technology we developed collaboratively by externalizing it through a joint venture where we can provide technology scaling resources, industry connections and access to venture capital.

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