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Unlocking safe, energy-efficient and sustainable solutions for a greener future

Guiding organizations to a more sustainable future

From delivering turn-key solutions for higher solar panel efficiency to building a fast and efficient IoT ecosystem that will ensure a clean and safe environment and smart living, we help the world’s premier energy, utilities, oil and gas, renewable energy companies to deliver comprehensive and integrated green-tech solutions that will energize our future.

Generating greater performance for renewables companies

We reimagine the solar power plant commissioning process by delivering state-of-the-art software and hardware tools. Leveraging our robust technologies, we help companies track their installed trackers in plants allowing just-in-time intervention and preventive maintenance. This way, we power the growth and innovation of solar power plants at speed and scale.

Delivering impact in the life cycle of large-scale solar plants

With our unmatched combination of technology expertise, strategic vision, and deep industry knowledge, we design and deliver full-bodied Greentech applications that support all management and field activities and workflows in the complex life cycle of large solar power plants. Our solutions are designed to reduce energy solar watt cost, empower workers, streamline operations and enable sustainability.

Accelerating the path to sustainable energy future

By building fast, complex, and specialized Greentech solutions that ensure a clean and safe environment and smart living, we accelerate the path to energy efficiency allowing businesses to reinvent themselves in an increasingly digital world. Powered by our knowledge, technology, and expertise, we solve challenges related to device tracking, calculation, and smart decision-making to ensure sustainable and healthy use of natural resources.


We provide consulting and help with idea validation, planning, and production. We invest our brain force into developing innovative projects, collaboratively researching, and making decisions about the product with our partners on the project.

Our experience

Our work


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With many years of experience, we have deep-tech industry knowledge, strategic vision, and unprecedented tech expertise to help companies discover the right safe, smart, and sustainable use cases that will perfectly blend in within their existing ecosystem.


We connect strategy, technology, and industry best practices to build an implementation roadmap and design solutions that will support safe, sustainable, and energy-efficient operations in a digital world.


Whether it is helping with sustainability initiatives, workforce productivity, supply chain efficiency, or energy efficiency, we dig deep to deliver cleaner, safer, smart, and cost-saving solutions to companies worldwide. Companies turn to HTEC Group to deliver value through strategy and new technologies in the Greentech sector.


Our leading tech experts help companies bring their products to market and leverage digital to drive powerful results. We assist businesses across their value chain and support them in scaling and continuous innovation.



With digital having a significant impact on the multi-faceted energy industry, the time is now for energy leaders to leverage technology to reinvent their businesses and fuel their growth. We are there to help them on this journey and step into the smart, sustainable, energy-efficient future.

Product to market strategy

With a wealth of experience in helping our clients build robust Greentech and energy solutions, we help businesses achieve faster time-to-market and position themselves on the digital sky.

Technology consulting

Our technology experts and consultants provide valuable insights into the latest green tech trends and help businesses pivot wisely to new technology. We develop a roadmap for change that integrates with businesses‘ workforce and processes that will define areas where custom solutions are needed, save on the development costs, and accelerate the development of new revenue streams.

Disruption from within

Helping our customers monetize on the innovative green connected solutions we develop collaboratively, face disruptions, and differentiate their business in the ever-growing market.

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