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Your New Role in the Community — Retailers as Change Enablers

Author: Jovana Milankovic Osterday

This article is part of our Retail Reloaded series. The series offers a new vision for retail businesses through an evolved use of technology with the focus on specific ideas you can implement now to not only survive this crisis but emerge as a winner.

Our hypothesis supports three core strategic actions. SAVE, ACCELERATE, and SHARE which will guide you on both how to best use technology and where a retail business should be developing new capabilities, new skills, and, importantly, a new vision for the future.

In this article, as part of the SHARE strategy, we are thinking about the new modalities of customer relationships with retail brands. We will focus on the question: What can a brand do for a customer today?

Your New Role in the Community — Retailers as Change Enablers

Jovana Milankovic Osterday


Hi, I'm JoJo, a San Francisco based writer and a digital world explorer at HTEC Group. I write about humanity in the age of disruption through the stories of exceptional people, truly innovative practices and companies that are challenging the status quo. At HTEC, we call this "The art of possible".

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