MedTech & HealthTech

Medical devices and software that enable seamless connections between caregivers and patients in need. HTEC develops complete telemedicine solutions to support safe and secure contactless healthcare.

Empowering patients and caregivers

Medical devices and software that power seamless connections between caregivers and the patients in need. HTEC develops complete telemedicine solutions to support safe and secure contactless healthcare.

Unprecedented R&D

Working with world-class R&D institutions, universities, laboratories, hospitals, and clinicians, as well as some of the most disruptive MedTech startups and organizations—HTEC’s R&D teams have pioneered a number of important medical technology advancements.

End-to-end medical solutions

We deliver end-to-end medtech and healthtech solutions by integrating existing technologies with our custom, proprietary hardware, software, and device design. Our products use sensors, AI algorithms, Machine Learning, visual and speech recognition, pose detection, and new materials.

Data science

We excel at transforming large sets of medical, biometric, and sensory data into actionable insights through the use of algorithms developed in collaboration with clinicians and hospitals to create patient profiles and support medical practitioners in delivering outstanding healthcare services.

HIPAA and FDA compliance

We take the worry out of your medical devices and technology compliance efforts. Every piece of technology is developed with maximum awareness of HIPAA and FDA requirements. As a medical technology company, we know how to help our customers certify the products we develop.

Our experience

Our work


Predictive technology for reducing heart attacks

In collaboration with the leading electrophysiologists and cardiologists, HTEC has developed a complete telehealth solution which enables patients to easily measure their ECG signals anywhere at anytime without the need for complicated skin preparation. The signals are AI-analyzed using our in-house developed algorithm to provide precise diagnosis of cardiac arrhythmias and send alarms and notifications to caregivers.


The success

HUMEDS is a cost-effective solution for accurate ECG recording and analysis. It connects patients with caregivers and aims to tackle the issues of availability and adequacy of healthcare, the shortage of medical staff and the ever-increasing need for remote monitoring, especially in the communities with scarce access to care. Its convenience and user-friendly interface, make HUMEDS practical for both home and institutional use.

Heart always comes first.

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Ann E Holder

CEO at Odonata Health Inc.


Leveraging Partnerships in Medical Innovation

Ann E Holder, the CEO of Odonata Health Inc., on her executive career at leading medtech companies, leveraging military-gained leadership skills and industry partnerships with world's top health providers in pursuing her mission to bring innovative AI-based technology to the market to ensure better maternal and fetal health outcomes.

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Product design and development services


Enabling healthcare enterprises to adopt radically novel approaches to medical innovation with customer interactions in focus. We work with clinicians to discover how to cure with technology.


Our products are designed to blend in seamlessly. They enable connected digital experiences across all touch points between caregivers and patients without disrupting their normal routine.


When building custom and integrating existing latest technologies into products, both software and hardware, we make sure that the protocols are documented for FDA.


Always helping our customers bring products to the market, supporting them in scaling and continuous innovation with our best heathcare technology development and research teams.



Clinical and business insights combined with new technologies and big data to harness the power of digitization in a demanding new digital world.

Compliance consulting

Our compliance experts support your efforts in getting your medical technology aligned with the latest privacy compliance requirements.

Technology consulting

Advising on the existing latest medical technology development trends our customers can build into their products to save on development costs and defining the ares where custom solutions are needed.

Disruption from within

Helping our customers monetize on the innovative medical technology we developed collaboratively and externalizing it through a joint venture where we can provide technology scaling resources.

Product to market strategy

Leveraging our experience working on the emerging medical products, we help our customers adopt the most feasible business models to achieve fast product to market delivery.

How can we help bring your medical technology to the market?

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