At HTEC, we fuse creativity
with retail tech to reimagine
the future of retail. We are
innovators backing retailers
on their digital transformation

Daniel Bobroff htecgroup 33

We have entered the era of responsive retail. Retailers must urgently review their relationship with technology. We can no longer be the online equivalent of 'stack it high, sell it cheap'. We must become enablers, connectors and magicians. The good news is that everything we need is available if only we are brave enough. As always, fortune will favour the brave.

Daniel Bobroff

Head of Retail Technologies and Business Development for the UK

A very different type of outsourcing.

A very different partner.

We are retail imagineers.

We dream, we design and we build the tech-powered retailers of the future.
We believe that retail is in the midst of a revolution that offers a bright, new horizon.
We seek to be its enabler.


We are creative technologists.

We are passionate about how technology makes us feel as much as what it can help us to do. We believe the theatre of retail is supercharged by its new digital canvass.


We excel in deep tech.

We live at the intersection of what we imagine that technology will do for us and what it already can. We continually test and refine our hypotheses across a wide array of colleagues, domain experts and retail clients.


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