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Robotics & Manufacturing

From creating applications for testing boards to building robotic grasping solutions for challenges that could not be previously automated, HTEC Group helps businesses connect strategy and technology to deliver end-to-end solutions that could redefine automation across industries.

Smart automation powered by robotics

We help build intelligent automation solutions that reimagine industrial processing, workers safety and automate previously manual processes. This enables businesses to eliminate additional rework, and free human hands from tedious tasks thus reducing human error and decreasing time wasted on menial factory work. By delivering intelligent automation solutions, we unlock the ‘future workplace’ where decision makers are empowered to do what they do best in near real time, reduce operating costs and enhance quality management.

Empowering robotics with electronics

We bring excellence and deep know-how when applying electronics in robotics. Our team of tech experts with a deep knowledge of robotics, embedded PCB technology, sensor systems, and automation enable us to build PCB (Printed Circuit Board) used inside of robots that would adhere to industry standards and go beyond clients’ expectations.

Functional testing

We provide a complete set of tools and processes to support reliable manufacturing, deployment, exploitation, and end of life of robots in manufacturing and storage environments and we build a framework for functional testing of core electronic components for each robot.


We provide consulting and help with idea validation, planning, and production. We invest our brain force into developing innovative projects, collaboratively researching and making decisions about the product with our partners on the project.

Accelerating the digitization of industrial processes

With our robust capabilities and deep-tech expertise in automation, big data and machine learning, we help industrial and manufacturing companies build innovative solutions and move from the physical world to a digital one. By connecting strategy and technology we help businesses drive operational excellence through manufacturing automation allowing them to handle the unexpected and retain a competitive edge.

Soft-grab robotic solutions for automation that transforms

With the speed of innovation, fast iterations, and powered by new technology discovery and design, we help build a soft-grab three-finger robotic hand designed for the use in warehouses and manufacturing. This soft robotic gripper involves complex designs that combine cutting-edge materials and electronics to ensure that fragile or oddly shaped objects could be grabbed and sensors that can “feel” the shape and surface of the object and enable “smart grip”.

Our experience

Our work

A Soft-Grab Robotic Hand

In collaboration with FTN (The Faculty of Technical Sciences, Novi Sad), The University of Nis, and Sigmoid company, HTEC Group created a soft-grab three-finger robotic hand designed for the use in warehouses and manufacturing — the robotics research and development project funded by the Innovation Fund of Serbia.


The success

The biggest HTEC Group’s success on this project was the speed of innovation, fast iterations, new technology discovery and design, and the use of industry standards. We were able to develop a completely new technology in a short period of time (the project started in 2019) and create a commercially applicable robot hand that will soon be tested in some of the world’s most successful automated warehouses that HTEC Group and Sigmoid are partnering with.

Meet our Soft-Grab Robotic Hand

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Product design and development services


Enabling enterprises to create, deliver and manage innovative industrial solutions allowing them to digitally transform their business through smart, connected and living technologies. We discuss your challenges, industry best practices and potential areas of improvement.


Leveraging robust technology, we build digital solutions that help you automate and govern functions and processes better leading to less manual work and reduction in error and re-work.

Development and compliance

When building digital enablers in smart automation and connected manufacturing and integrating custom solutions — both software and hardware — we make sure to adhere to the industry standard protocols.


Our leading robotics and manufacturing tech experts help businesses navigate their way through digital transformation, always supporting them on their digital journey by helping them scale and innovate continuously.



Industrial robotics opens up a world of opportunities for innovation. The synergy of our award-winning skillset, deep-tech experience and expertise enables us to build innovative solutions that help our clients harness the power of automation. Through a proof-of-concept project we help deliver tangible results and business value making sure that we hit the mark from the first iteration

Product to market strategy

With a wealth of experience in helping our clients build robust smart manufacturing solutions, we help businesses achieve faster time-to-market and position themselves on the digital sky.

Technology consulting

Our technology experts and consultants provide valuable insights into the latest manufacturing and automation tech trends and help businesses pivot wisely to new technology. We develop a roadmap for change that integrates with businesses‘ workforce and processes that will define areas where custom solutions are needed, save on the development costs and accelerate the development of new revenue streams.

Disruption from within

Helping our customers monetize on the innovative connected solutions we develop collaboratively, face disruptions and differentiate their business in industrial renaissance.

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