A Small Jubilee: 5th HTEC Internship Recap

HTEC’s 5th Summer Internship has come to an end, with amazing results and some of the interns already joining our diligent teams. A proof that practice makes perfect, HTEC’s 2019 Internship was one of the best organized and most productive internships in HTEC so far.

The organization of the internship started back in spring when the program was announced and open for applicants at the 2019 Nis Job Fair. Through a series of external events and workshops, HTEC made an introduction into a 6-week learning and working program which engaged four software and two embedded interns on two different and quite challenging projects.

Ana Stojanovic, Milena Jakovljevic, Pavle Marinkovic, and Stefan Bogosavljevic joined forces with their two Project Managers, Dusan Stojanovic, and Dusan Petrovic, to create a platform with complex backend logic. The end result was a completely functional, ready-to-use system, which could, in fact, have a practical application in big companies such as HTEC. This year’s interns noted that they found the internship especially interesting and challenging because it was a real-life project, and they got to solve a real problem many companies are facing on a daily basis. Pavle, who was involved in both backend and frontend development said, “We got to work with experienced mentors who could help us discover our strengths and weaknesses and how they could affect the development of the project.” Experienced PHP engineer Dusan Petrovic, who himself joined HTEC three years ago as an intern, was this year in the role of a PM. Dusan admits that he learned a lot about the process of product development, on both the architectural and the implementational level, and added, “As an HTEC employee, you embrace and grow along with the processes that help you stay in the tech race. So, the idea is to onboard new people and not only help them learn and improve their technical skills but also become a part of the HTEC culture – which is an experience in itself.

The second internship project was oriented towards embedded development and employed Zarko Petrovic and Mihajlo Milovanovic on constructing a complex device from scratch. Supported by their PM, Embedded Engineer Dusan Mavrovic, they got to make the first steps in their careers by working on an actual device, due to be installed in HTEC in the months to follow. “During this internship, I did what I really love and hope to be doing more of in my future career. The technical knowledge and practical skills I gained are very valuable to me, and so were the support and encouragement we received from our colleagues and mentors on a daily basis,” said Mihajlo.

As the internship projects got closer to the end, it was time to prepare the participants for presenting their achievements. This was achieved through a public speaking workshop, where all six interns, together with their PMs, got to learn more about public performance and how to deliver successful presentations. Stefan, Ana, and Milena agreed that they did not have much experience with presenting before the internship, and the workshop nicely topped up the entire internship, preparing them for the final demonstration of their achievements.

Our intern, Zarko said at the beginning of the internship. “I believe this internship could help me in my personal and professional development, and potentially be a stepping stone for my future career,” and we genuinely believe it was just that. From our point of view, internships are not just about offering students a chance to improve their practical knowledge and insight into how teams and projects work – they are some of the biggest learning opportunities for us as a company. We get to learn how to teach and transfer knowledge, how to mentor and educate younger colleagues, how to manage and prioritize our activities and time, but above all, we get to learn that there are always new things to be learned. We are taught by our interns what our real values are and the ways we can make our internship tradition an even better work experience for future generations.

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