First Steps in Digitalization of the Shipping Industry

An event of digital naming Stena Immortal ship took place at Stena’s new office in Hellerup, north Copenhagen on January 17th, where Stena Bulk, Stena Line, Stena RoRo and Northern Marine Management will also be represented.

The interesting thing is that when Stena Immortal was named, it was not physically present in Copenhagen but in Houston where it was already in service. The key role there was played by modern technology in Denmark and drone in Houston, which filmed and zoomed in when the classic bottle of champagne hit the tanker’s bows.


“This ship naming ceremony using available technology is a sign of the times. Our goal is greater efficiency in everything we do and, accordingly, a digital naming ceremony symbolizes a measure of sustainability, efficiency and new technology. This is what we are striving for and we want to be at the forefront of this process”, comments Erik Hånell, President, and CEO of Stena Bulk.

When a year and a half ago we started out collaboration with Stena, we had a solid idea where will all that lead us. Together, we were tackling the challenges of providing future business advantages through digital technology, new business models, and quality development support.

On behalf of HTEC Group team, we want to congratulate Stena on their pioneer steps in the digitalization of the shipping and transportation industry. We also want to thank them for allowing us to join up for this amazing journey.


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