GPTW: Two Years of Production and One Million Users

Exactly two years ago, Great Place to Work® demoed Emprising™, their cloud-based survey and analytics platform, for the first time after several months of focused development. Since then, the platform has continued to evolve through the activity and feedback of their amazing user community, and HTEC has been there every step of the way.

For over 30 years, Great Place to Work has surveyed over 100 million employees globally with the aim of helping organizations of all sizes build high-trust, high-performing workplace cultures that both motivate employees and drive better business results. Around two and a half years ago, GPTW began working with HTEC to redesign and reimagine the process of preparing, surveying and analyzing the employee experience data they’ve been collecting for over 30 years.

Presently, Emprising is being used by companies across the spectrum.  From early stage start-ups and small businesses to some of the world’s biggest and most complex companies. Some recent updates made the platform even easier to use and more customizable to the needs of their global partners and clients who are working to create the best possible work environment for their employees regardless of what they do or where they are across the globe.

As the platform celebrates its second anniversary in production, we are very proud to say that the platform allowed well over 1 million users in just the last year to have a voice in their employee experience and provide the valuable feedback business leaders need in order to make their work environments a truly great place to work for all.

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