Serbian Business Run: Be heart smart and Run for Fun 

Sep 01, 2021

Serbia Business Run: Be Heart Smart and Run for Fun 

We’re super-excited to announce that we will be exclusive sponsors of and take part in this year’s Serbia Business Run event, an opportunity to join strengths with other companies through running, as we believe that running together can be a positive way of encouraging team spirit. 

Here is what Srdjan Jovanovic, Director of People Operations, HTEC Group, shares about this event and how HTEC Group feels about taking part in this kind of initiative:

As a company which works on the development of the latest software and hardware solutions, we constantly make an effort to support team spirit and “coming out of a comfort zone” in any way to achieve new wins that will shape the world of tomorrow. Therefore, the HTEC Group team decided to take part in the “Serbia Business Run” event that supports these values. We believe that in this new digital age, where we have less and less time to dedicate ourselves to our own health and body, it is necessary for us to be a part of these kinds of initiatives. On top of this, we couldn’t emphasize more how important this event is because it is a fundraising event where we, through our participation, presentation of the projects we work on and giving support, we also provide support to young people who do not have a chance to educate themselves properly. The synergy of our and your dedication, great team spirit and strong will enable young people to start their own career path and inspire our colleagues to care more about themselves and their health. We would like to send words of praise to the organizers for starting this initiative and making a huge effort to turn this kind of event into a tradition. Also, we are proud of the solidarity companies have shown to take part in this kind of initiative.” 

Our colleagues will run in four cities on four different days:

Novi Sad — September the 2nd 

Nis —  September the 9th  

Subotica — September the 23rd

Belgrade — September the 30th 

And the best part? You will have a chance to witness how our HUMEDS product works and learn more about the value it brings to the health and well-being of people. Humeds is a complete telehealth solution, which enables simple and comfortable ECG recording and analysis, combined with the quick, automatic and precise diagnosis of cardiac arrhythmias.

Impressions: SRB in Novi Sad 

Last Thursday, we gathered in Novi Sad to take part in the Serbia Business Run, and we must say we had a blast! Amazing people, sunny weather, incredible energy, enthusiasm, lots of laughter, fun, and many many people running for the same cause — what more could you ask for! 

We would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of our runners who reached the finish line within 30 minutes. Well done, Jovan Dragutinovic, Nemanja Zivkovic, Marko Pavlovic, Marko Bujagic, Jevtic Stanko, Vladimir Dumitraskovic, Dejan Nadlački, Aleksandar Beronja, Predrag Pivarski, Jelena Kotur, and Mandic Pavle.

Want to meet us and learn how Humeds can help you stay young at heart? Join us for the next week’s SBR in Nis! And, if you don’t feel like running, you can cheer us on!

Serbia Business Run in Novi Sad

Serbia Business Run in Novi Sad Serbia Business Run in Novi Sad


Impressions: SBR in Nis 

Another amazing event powered by the HTEC team spirit took place in Nis last Thursday. Besides the great atmosphere and a bunch of ambitious enthusiasts who brought this event to a higher level, we had a chance to enjoy the wonderful surroundings of Niska Banja and the hospitality and cheerfulness of our colleagues and the local people from Nis. Our HTEC team from Nis had 8 runners and they all reached the finish line in less than 35 minutes. Kudos to Uroš Dimitrijević, Dušan Petrović, Stefan Petković, Dragan Sentić, Kristijan Ristić, Saša Jovanović, Stefan Djordjević and Milan Jovanović for their hard effort and eagerness to take part in the race. 

After the race, we all gathered together to celebrate our small victories. We must also point out that our HUMEDS medical device drew a lot of attention among the locals and we are positive that it will make a huge impact on people’s health in future. 

We’d like to thank the local community of Nis, our wonderful colleagues and SBR organizers for supporting this race from start to finish

Serbia Business Run in Nis


Serbia Business Run in Nis


Serbia Business Run in Nis Serbia Business Run in Nis

Our next stop: Subotica, 23 September

We can’t wait to jump into our running shoes! 

Be heart smart and join us! 

See you there! 

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