HTEC Engineers Raising Awareness about Data Protection

Two of the HTEC’s data protection engineers, along with several other experts in the field, joined Media and Reform Center Nis in bringing the topic of GDPR and personal data protection closer to the public.

Media and Reform Center Nis is one of the few national organizations which aim to explain and make the topic of data safety more approachable to the citizens. Their panel “Who stores your data” ("Ko čuva Vase podatke"), gathered numerous media representatives, lawyers, and data protection professionals to constructively discuss and raise awareness about this world-popular internet safety issue. 

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is applicable as of May 2018 and is directed at regulating the usage of private data and putting control back into the hands of their rightful owners. The Serbian Government passed the Personal Data Protection Law this August, but there is still plenty to do in order to educate the public and keep their data safe.

In a video about data protection, in the production of Media and Reform Center Nis, HTEC DevOps Engineer, Jovica Zlatanovic, explained what cookies are, what data they collect, and what this data can be used for. During a GDPR and data protection panel, at the Faculty of Law, held on Friday, October 18, this video was played as an introduction to this very serious topic, and was followed by a discussion, featuring another one of HTEC’s security experts, Aleksandar Benic. Other panelists at the event were Rodoljub Sabic, former Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection, and professor Miroslav Lazic, Doctor of Law.

In the afternoon, Aleksandar held a workshop in the EU Info Point to the students of law and journalism on how to become even safer in the digital space.

Sharing our experience and knowledge has always been in line with HTEC values, and we are glad to see our engineers participating and contributing to such an important cause and a burning issue of the modern age.


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