HTEC Summer Internship to be announced at BEST Job Fair in Nis

BEST Job Fair will be held on 2nd and 3d March at the Faculty of Electronics and Engineering in Nis. Our colleagues will be there, at HTEC stand and will officially open the applications for the 6th paid summer internship.

The Summership 2020 will last for six weeks in July and August. A group of most talented students from technical faculties will be selected to work on a team project, led by an HTEC Project Manager in Scrum methodology. The internship will also include a set of professional training and educations, and each student will have a dedicated mentor from their chosen technology. 

More details about applications will be announced soon. The technology scope will include .NET, Java, PHP, QA, JavaScript, Data Science, and Embedded engineering.

Last summer HTEC Summership celebrated 5 years of this notable tradition. The group of four students with two Project Managers managed in six weeks to build a completely functional, ready-to-use system, which could, in fact, have a practical application in big companies such as HTEC. The second internship project was oriented towards embedded system development and employed two students on constructing a complex device from scratch.

HTEC Summer interns generation 2019

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