[TechForward Webinar] Micro Front-End Architecture in JS? Impossible? Or is it?

Milan Milicevic is a JS Engineer with 3 years of experience. He has been a part of HTEC Group for a year and a half, and he is currently a member of the JS team in Niš.

Mario Petrovic, a JS Engineer in HTEC Group, has been a web developer for the last 9 years. He joined HTEC Group in 2017 and he is currently leading the JS team in Niš.

In this Tech Forward webinar, our Milan and Mario will explain how to go from Monolith Front-End to Micro Front-End. The idea behind Micro Front-End is to make a composition of features owned by independent teams. Each team is cross-functional, has distinct missions, and develops end-to-end features.

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Maja Budinski

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