The conference was the perfect opportunity for our new colleagues to meet each other and get the latest updates from the JS community. During the two-day conference, which was held in CineStar cinema in Big Shopping Center Novi Sad, the participants had the chance to listen to some of the 27 45-minutes-long lectures (though they were usually held three at a time in three different halls), and ask questions through the Slido app. 

The topics which received the most attention from our engineers during the first day were “React State: The good, the bad and the ugly”, ”React 16: All the new and shiny things” and “Fantastic bugs and where to find them”, an especially interesting lecture held by Iris Schaffer from Spotify on testing in production-ready apps – how to prevent bugs and how to think when writing tests.

The second day was reserved for “Change detection in JS frameworks”, where Nemanja Bubnjevici explained certain mechanisms in frameworks and tried to compare them, and  

“Serverless: a backend thing that gives superpowers to frontend developers”, with lecturer Aleksandar Simovic explaining how to, in a cost-effective way, make a full-stack app using the AWS. Lucas da Costa closed the conference speaking about functional programming in his lecture “It’s birds all the way down: A fun introduction to Lambda Calculus.”

Our engineers truly enjoyed attending the conference and strongly believe it is a great way to strengthen the Serbian JS community. It brought our frontend team together and in line with our knowledge-sharing values inspired us to learn and transfer our skills and tips further on.

*Photo taken from: Armada JS Facebook Page


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