Nov 14, 2018

Engineering Roundtable for JS Developers

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By filling out the application form, the participants will get to choose two topics they wish to see on the agenda. The roundtable form was chosen in order to avoid one-sided communication and instead create a productive discussion from which the participants can reach useful conclusions, thus contributing to the JS developer community.

The roundtable will gather up to 10 software engineers skilled in JavaScript technology, and the moderator will be HTEC’s web engineer Hadzi Mario Petrovic.

Engineering Roundtable Javascript JS DevelopersThe event is scheduled for 6 PM, in HTEC’s office in Nis (Nikole Pasica 28, 3d floor) and will be split into two parts, each 45 minutes long.

The key insights from the discussion panel will be shared with the community.

Proposed topics:

  1. Architecture and structure of modern web applications
  2. Web application optimization
  3. Real-time communication with the browser
  4. Compile to JS languages

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