Dec 06, 2018

GrowIT Conference Attended by HTEC Engineers

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The main focus was on Agile software development and satisfying client’s wishes while maintaining and increasing the quality of software. Some of the topics included the successful usage of Git systems for code versioning, detecting slow-downs on older devices (hint: pagination) and the ways of expanding teams.

One of our Java Engineers, Pavle Mandic, took part in the GrowIT conference as a volunteer. Pavle got to hear many of the lectures over the course of the conference, but one of the big surprises was Bogdan Kecman’s lecture “Advanced Databasing”, where he learned that many experienced software engineers do not understand the architectural structure of the most used databases, such as MySQL, which sometimes costs their companies a couple of dozens or hundreds of dollars.

GrowIT Full Stack ConferenceThe lecture od Dusan Zamurovic helped him learn how systems like AWS can smartly be used and what they offer for companies which manage and use enormous amounts of data. It all comes back to saving resources, which is in software development very important. He presented the audience with the basic structure of a system which works with big data and manages to process it within just one hour. Instead of using local clusters which would work non-stop, need constant maintenance, and be expensive to set up, the entire process can be performed on a remote location for a relatively small price.

Milan Sekulic, HTEC’s Android Engineer, also attended the GrowIT conference and admitted that most of the topics were not closely related to Android. However, the presentation of Sasa Sekulic about Android development offered a great chance for developers to get to know each other after the lecture, and exchange opinions about development processes, mobile architecture, and Android as a technology in general. What everyone agreed on is that companies around the world tend to make the same mistake and choose their best developers to be Team Leads, therefore inevitably losing their best engineers to management. Milan added that the conference was more focused on the topics of Agile, Git, and Testing, but one of the biggest benefits was acquiring the skills needed for public presentations in front of a bigger audience.

For both Pavle and Milan, this was an excellent experience and they hope the conference will grow even bigger in the years to come, eventually becoming one of the best in the region.

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