May 05, 2018

HTEC and Suzhou AI Laboratory Start Their Collaboration

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Artificial Intelligence is set to be the great new frontier for technological development over the next decade, and it is already reaching into all aspects of our lives. It is influencing how we interact with our devices and vehicles, as well as how we receive education and medical treatment.

Ray And Maria State Center MIT

MIT is trying to create opportunities for the top quality education and training in the area of AI, allowing talented people all over the world to access and receive support from MIT professors outside of Massachusetts, focusing on Suzhou Laboratory in this case . You can find out more about their efforts on MIT CSAIL.

As a result of the established collaboration, HTEC engineers will have the valuable opportunity to work with the newest technology, the latest software, and devices in the area of AI, and to train neural networks in the Suzhou AI Laboratory. Their work and learning will be supported by the professors from MIT, who are in charge of organizing lectures and mentoring projects developed in Suzhou.

This also marks the beginning of the international cooperation in the area of Machine Learning and creates a permanent link between China and Serbia – allowing the engineers from Serbia to remotely train the neural networks they develop on devices in Suzhou AI Laboratory, in China.

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