Jun 20, 2019

HTEC Supports the Launch of Tesla Nation Project

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Tesla Nation is a project created by SEE ICT/Startit with the goal of choosing the best technology inventors and professionals of Serbian heritage and connecting them to potential partners from all around the world, inspired by the vision and ambition of Nikola Tesla. The official meeting of partners supporting the project was held on June 19, in Startit co-working space in Belgrade where the future steps for the project were presented and all the partners had a chance to meet, share their experience and suggestions and further discuss the initiative.In the past couple of years, the Serbian local tech scene survived a significant transformation with service companies becoming more focused on deep technology expertise and more product-based companies building globally successful businesses. For the past four years, the tech sector has been, and will likely continue to be, the single largest contributor to the Serbian economy. More than 3.300 students graduate in software engineering every year and, without much difficulty, find their place in the ever-growing global ICT market.

At HTEC, we believe that Serbia now has a chance to build an economy based on knowledge and innovation, which will enable our whole society to prosper. We recognized Tesla Nation as a step towards that goal and decided to support the initiative and continue to contribute in the ways we can. In the upcoming years, HTEC will be supporting Tesla Nation with its contacts, experience, and expertise, and hopefully provide valuable input and ideas to help the further development of the project, together with other supporting partners, such as MadHead Games, Trade Core, Microsoft Development Center Serbia, Digital Serbia Initiative and many others.

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