Nov 08, 2018

HTEC to Present Artificial Intelligence in Medicine at SEE-IT Summit

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On Friday, November 9, Srdjan will be talking about the problems that AI can solve in the field of medicine, what is currently available and what can be expected in the future. Srdjan will also present HTEC’s innovative ECG solution, Humeds, used for identifying and diagnosing heart arrhythmias via AI-enabled software.

HTEC SEE-IT Summit Novi Sad Ai

SEE-IT Summit is the first international summit in the hub for IT, Telecommunication and Innovations. Companies from 14 countries will be presented, and the summit will also include 15 conferences, workshops and panel discussions on different topics. Middle and small companies will have the opportunity to get free help and useful advice on the digitalization of their businesses.

The main focus this year is on the conferences and workshops on the topic of Artificial Intelligence that will gather the speakers from companies such as Google, Adobe, IBM, as well as the Harvard University and the BioSense Institute.

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