After the success of the first-ever JS Roundtable, HTEC decided to organize another round of discussion for JS enthusiasts from several different companies in Niš. As well as the first one, the event lasted around 50 minutes but was this time moderated by Hadzi Mario Petrovic, HTEC’s FE Team Lead for Niš. This time around the topic was the organization of asynchronous tasks in web apps, and after a productive discussion the participants reached the conclusion that structuring asynchronous tasks can vary from one project to another, and it also depends on the framework used. However, they all agreed that validating data on the frontend is generally considered a good practice, although the implementation often depends on the time available for development (since it can be rather time-consuming). This means that data should primarily be validated on the backend while validating on the frontend can only be an added bonus which guarantees quality.

After a 20-minute break where the participants were offered refreshments and got the chance to get to know each other better, in the second part of the session, the engineers got to discuss the app testing and compile to JS languages. One of the discussions was on how to solve the problem of insufficiently tested apps and how to emphasize the importance of testing and the necessary stability it brings to the app in the long run, to the client. A lack of tests is something a lot of projects are struggling with, but engineers are becoming increasingly aware of this problem. Testing, the same as validation, is something that has to be planned based on the requirements and the time available for the development of the project. Moreover, clients need to be additionally educated about the benefits of testing.

Once again, the roundtable format proved to be excellent for structured discussions, and very productive when it comes to both empowering the local JS community and sharing the domain knowledge and mutual struggles within the frontend technologies. Lead by the great example of the JS team and the initiative to organize these kinds of discussion sessions, HTEC’s Quality Assurance team will be hosting its first Roundtable for QA Engineers on June 19.

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