May 29, 2019

What Have We Learned from 2019 JSHeroes?

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The three-day conference was packed with amazing lectures and a set of useful workshops, and as Mario Petrovic, HTEC’s Frontend Lead for Nis notes, “On top of the amazing organization, the atmosphere and the people simply stole the show.” During the first day of the conference, Mario and his team members Aleksandar Benic, Stefan Milovanovic, and Milos Mladenovic participated in the Advanced Performance Tuning for React Applications workshop. The lecturers, Jason Lengstorf (from the Gatsby.js development team) and Sara Vieira (from CodeSandbox) invited the participants to join a discussion on how to improve the already existing React apps in innovative ways. During the second and third day of the conference, our team got to listen to a number of useful lectures on topics ranging from animation and Machine Learning, over 3D Canvas and WebAssembly to functional programming and RxJS. “One of the best things about the lectures was that all of them were independent of any frameworks, which I believe is an excellent perspective because choosing a framework can often be rather subjective,” admits Mario.

Our colleagues especially enjoyed the alternative stages, which were organized between the lectures in the hallway. This informal part of the event was mostly based on Q&A sessions on topics such as open-source communities and starting to learn JS. During this part of the event, they got to meet colleagues from other countries and discuss topics close to their heart. “Our overall impressions of JSHeroes are great, and we would love to go back next year. We got to spend quality time together as a team and had the opportunity to meet our own heroes from the JS community,” says Mario.

JSHeroes conference is an open-source community event organized by community and volunteers. With learning, teaching, and knowledge sharing as their core values, JSHeroes aims to inspire other communities with the concept of open-source events.

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