Protok Wins the Best Podcast Award at the MediaJam Hackathon

HTEC-born podcast Protok won the first prize at the Media Jam Hackathon, organized at the Impact Hub, Belgrade, April 12-13.

Impact Hub, with the support of USAID, hosted and organized a six-week program of meetups and lectures on podcasting, rounded up with a two-day hackathon. The program aims to strengthen the podcast community and support the sustainability of modern media in Serbia. The participants were given the opportunity and the support of experts to develop sustainable solutions for their podcasts or to create a concept for the new platform which will be used as a knowledge base for the entire podcast community in Serbia.

protok podcast and htec

Protok podcast was created more than a year ago with the idea of bringing the topics of technology and business closer to the public, focusing on how they influence people’s daily lives and the society in general. So far, it hosed experts from different areas, including engineers, sociologists, economists, business developers, and many others, and brought up subjects like Deep Learning, leading and scaling businesses, retraining for IT and the position of engineers between science and philosophy. After a very successful pitch, led and presented by Mina Stefanović, with Miloš Najdanović and Dušan Petrović joining over a conference call, the team won the first prize – a trip to the Podcast Day conference in London and a three-month mentorship for further development of the podcast.

HTEC recognized Protok as an amazing initiative and offered to support the podcast with the necessary equipment, a place to connect, work and exchange ideas with various international startups and business owners.

USAID and Impact Hub initiative for podcast support and media sustainability does not end here. Impact Hub has created two studio booths available for podcasters to rent and record in, and they will also continue developing the mentorship program and continue working of the knowledge sharing platform, which will be extremely useful to the entire podcast community in the region.

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