QA Automation Workshop at BEST Job Fair Nis

At this year’s BEST Job Fair Nis, HTEC will be organizing a workshop on QA Automation and presenting its 2019 Summer Internship.

HTEC’s QA Engineer Sandra Jeremenkovic will be breaking down the prejudice about software testers and presenting four types of automated tests used for software product testing. She will be talking about her personal development path from being a Computer Science student, to becoming an HTEC Intern, and finally a Test Automation Engineer working on a project which follows over 5000 sea vessels in real-time.

QA Automation WorkshopQA Automation Workshop is scheduled for Monday, March 4th, at 3:15 PM, in Hall A of the Faculty of Electronic Engineering Nis. Applications for the workshop can be sent through the Job Fair’s website.

During the 2019 Best Job Fair, HTEC will also be presenting its Summer Internship program, which will be gathering a selection of talented students interested in different technologies around a real-life project.


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