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Panel Discussion: How to Fuel Entrepreneurial Spirit of Women in Tech?

Keep Learning. Growing. Innovating.

An all-women panel discussion on how to fuel the entrepreneurial spirit of women in tech.

Date: March 8, 2021, @ 4PM

Applications are open and you can join on this link.

HTEC Group is celebrating International Women’s Day by organizing an online all-women panel discussion Keep learning. Growing. Innovating., whose aim is to highlight the importance of an inclusive culture in tech.

This networking and educational event will bring together high-level women executives and experts who have substantial experience in diverse technology and business communities, to discuss innovative trends, share their success recipes, and make valuable connections.

The event’s core mission is to motivate young women in the tech industry to create greater impact within their fields of action but also to help companies identify ways in which they can empower the entrepreneurial spirit in women throughout their careers.

The panelists with different backgrounds, ranging from startups and international organizations to multinational corporations, will talk about the challenges and opportunities currently available on the tech scene. They will share their experiences and development paths, as well as their leadership strategies and the methodologies they implement in their companies and communities to spur innovation and the spirit of constant personal development.

Our panelists are:

  • Maja Anđelković, Team Lead for Digital Entrepreneurship @ The World Bank
  • Marija Desivojevic Cvetković, Senior Vice President @ Delta Holding
  • Branislava Gajić Stanojević, Co-owner and Chief Corporate Development Officer @ Infostud Grupa
  • Sanja Bogdanović Dinić, Technology & Delivery Lead @ HTEC Group
  • Stefanija Lukić, Co-founder and CEO @ Just Smart Co and CEO @Shtreber

The panel moderator is our Chief of Staff, Katarina Urosevic.

HTEC Group has historically empowered women on their path to success. This panel and the experiences shared, will help the company further improve its support to the professional and personal growth of women in the company.

HTEC Celebrates International Women's Day

More about the panelists:

Maja Anđelković, Team Lead for Digital Entrepreneurship @ The World Bank

Maja works with clients on building strong innovation and entrepreneurship systems. As the World Bank’s first global team lead for digital entrepreneurship, she developed methods for assessing technology ecosystems, and instruments such enterprise acceleration for emerging markets. Previously, she was a product manager in a sentiment analysis startup in Toronto, a researcher, and the World Bank’s counselor for Canada.  She holds a PhD (DPhil) in the sociology of technology entrepreneurship from the University of Oxford’s Internet Institute, where she was a Clarendon-OUP scholar, an LLM in international law and Internet governance (University of Kent) and a BComm (Queen’s University, Canada). She volunteers as a board member of the Internet Engineering Task Force, an organization that develops Internet standards through an open and collaborative approach.

Marija Desivojević Cvetković, Senior Vice President @ Delta Holding

Marija has a degree from the Faculty of Mathematics at the University of Belgrade. She presented her Master’s thesis in 2009 at the Faculty of Economics, Finances and Administration. She has been with Delta since 2008, starting from the position of Food Production Division Manager, and in March 2012 she was appointed a Vice President of the Company in charge of the Development and Operations, as well as the IT Technologies and Corporate Communications Sectors. Marija is a member of the Steering Committee of Addiko Bank and the Serbian Association of Managers. She is also a member of the Business Club “Privrednik” and the president of the Serbian Triathlon Union. Marija is married and has two sons.

Branislava Gajić Stanojević, Co-owner and Chief Corporate Development Officer @ Infostud Grupa

Branislava is Director of Corporate Development, co-owner and one of the founders of the company Infostud group. At the age of only 20, she become entrepreneur and today she is at the top of one of the leading internet companies in Serbia, with over 200 employees. She has won many awards for her work, such as: “Women’s Dragon” Award for Women’s Entrepreneurship, was declared as one of the 30 best entrepreneurs from Serbia and the diaspora under the age of 30 and included in the book “50 Successful Business Women in Serbia”. She is also the winner of the “Elle Style Award” for business style. Married, mother of three children.

Sanja Bogdanović Dinić, Technology & Delivery Lead @ HTEC Group

Sanja is leading one of HTEC’s data teams and at the same time ensuring the quality and timeliness of data project delivery. She is strongly focused on data engineering at HTEC and has a research and engineering background in academia and industry. With experience from both worlds, she enjoys combining scientific research principles with building and delivering data-driven solutions. Sanja finds the data world full of opportunities and gets motivation and inspiration from the diversity of domains and uniqueness of the challenges brought by different projects. Being with HTEC for almost 3 full years, she often acts as an internal data advocate, striving to make data science understandable and fun for everyone.

Stefanija Lukić, Co-founder and CEO @ Just Smart Co and CEO @Shtreber

Stefanija Lukić is a co-owner and the CEO of the educational platform Shtreber is a digital classroom where school lessons are transformed into knowledge games which students can access on their computers or phones. The smartest kids win prizes when they compete in these games. Stefanija has built her career on educational television shows as a journalist, scenarist, editor, and producer. She made a huge success with her educational children show  „Volim Prirodu“ („I love nature“) screened on „Prva“ television. Chasing her great passion for creating interesting content for children through various TV formats for national and regional television, she decided to assemble a team of friends and experts to work on a pioneer project, Shtreber, which aims to become an additional learning tool for all of Serbia’s children.

Katarina Urosević, Chief of Staff and Portfolio Manager @ HTEC Group

Katarina joined HTEC with thirteen years of experience in science, technology and innovation policy first as the science advisor to the Deputy Prime Minister and later as a policy analyst and project manager for the OECD in Paris and a consultant for the World Bank. She is passionate about bringing out the incredible potential of Serbia and its people, which is why she returned to the country following her B.A. in Physics at Princeton University.


All opinions and views expressed during the panel are the personal views of the participants in the panel and as such do not represent official and legally binding opinions and views of HTEC Group. HTEC does not guarantee the authenticity and accuracy of the data provided by the participants during the panel discussion, nor does it bear responsibility or accept any liability for possible errors or incompleteness regarding such data.