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Maternal Care Innovation Digital Event

The Medical Alley Association has launched two digital event series to deliver unparalleled intelligence and resources to our healthcare community and beyond. Bringing the Future Forward features discussions with leaders on the most relevant topics in healthcare and how transformation is shaping the future. 

Join their next Bringing the Future Forward webinar on March 29th to hear from a number of Medical Alley leaders, such as Ann Holder on the topic. Register here now.  Amongst the speakers attending the panel, Ann Holder CEO of Marani Health will be speaking on the importance of maternal care in the United States, where the maternal mortality rate is on the rise. Even more alarming, however, is that women of color are up to three or four times as likely to die from a pregnancy-related complication as white women – a gap that persists across education and income levels.  Learn more about HTEC’s client Marani Health, here.