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Webinar: Internet of Things — Concepts and System Design 

We’re excited to share that Dr Milan Milenkovic, director of IoTsense, consultant company for strategy and development of IoT technology with headquarters in San Francisco, and a consultant in HTEC Group, will talk about the basic concepts, architecture and designs of the IoT system at the webinar  Internet of Things: Concepts and System Design” at Science Technology Park, in Belgrade. The event is a hybrid type with a limited number of physically present participants.

About the Speaker 

Milan is a computer scientist with decades of experience in envisioning, architecting and implementing innovative complex systems that usually combine elements of distributed computing, sensing, management, and control – current focus on IoT systems. He also has extensive experience in engaging partners across industry and academia in both informal and formal collaborations.   As Milan used to work as the chief engineer in Intel laboratories and IoT group, he led a number of projects that include the design and implementation of the IoT system, cloud and grid computer, and energy management. Before Intel, Milan worked in IBM where he led numerous projects regarding prototyping of various innovative technologies. Milan is the author of two books, one of them is “Internet of Things: Concepts and System Design” and over fifty other publications and patents. 

 About the Lecture 

The lecture will provide you an insight into the basic concepts, architecture and designs of the IoT system, including coverage and analysis of functions and the role of key components (sensors, edge, fog, communications, cloud, data processing and storage with analytics ML and AI, security and management). On top of this, you will have a chance to learn more about the importance and nature of information modelling IoT data and metadata in a way that facilitates semantic interoperability, unification and processing of “big data”, creation of portable applications and the possibility of the reuse of already gathered data – probably the most valuable assets of the IoT system.  The lecture is organized by BITF Inkubator and HTEC Group in collaboration with the Science and Technology Park Belgrade. The event will be a hybrid type, with a limited number of physically present participants. Anyone who is unable to attend the workshop at the Belgrade Science and Technology Park, can join online, by registering on the Zoom link. 


LectureInternet of Things: Concepts and System Design Speaker: Milan Milenkovic, IoT Evangelist   VenueScience Technology Park, Belgrade/a hybrid type of a lecture Time3 November 2021 | 10 am -2 pm  

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