HTEC Flag Reaches Kilimanjaro

This week, our colleague, Ivana Dilparic, will be conquering the highest peak of Africa! Armed with a strong will and the HTEC Group flag, Ivana will cross four different climatic zones to reach the highest peak of the African continent.


In no way a small feat, the journey will last the whole week, as it takes five days just to climb the mountain and two days to get down. The goal is to reach the summit of Uhuru – the Roof of Africa, which stands at 5895m above the sea level. Uhuru represents one of the Seven Summits, the highest peaks on each continent. With 4600m from the base to the peak, Kilimanjaro takes the credit of being the mountain with the highest altitude difference in the world.

Ivana has been intensively engaged in mountaineering for several years and has so far conquered mountain peaks in Serbia and the region. Before the expedition, together with a group of 15 people, she had gone through considerable preparations and tough training. Conquering Kilimanjaro will finally be the realization of her childhood dream.

When she’s not climbing mountains, Ivana is leading a team of dedicated people on a project. The project aims to develop a new platform for advanced trading of transportation capacity between shippers and carriers in the US. Without any doubt, we can say that Ivana is the type of person who loves a good challenge!

We’ll be following closely Ivana’s climb to the Roof of Africa. If you want to do the same, or if you’d just like to throw some Monthy Python references back and forth, be sure to check our LinkedInFacebookInstagram, and Twitter!

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