HTEC Hosts a Roundtable for QA Engineers

HTEC’s first Roundtable for Quality Assurance Engineers will be held on June 19 and will gather up to 10 engineers to discuss various frameworks and tools used for UI automation tests as well as the challenges that this type of testing brings.

After two very successful Roundtables for JavaScript Engineers, the idea was born to create a QA community that will host productive discussions on the topics of test automation as well as raise awareness about the importance of investing time in this kind of testing. In line with HTEC’s values, the event aims to gather QA professionals and enable them to share and exchange their domain knowledge with colleagues from other companies and help the rise of the entire local QA community.

The event is scheduled for June 19, 6 PM in HTEC Niš office (Nikole Pašića 28, 3d floor). To attend, please fill out the application form here. Up to 10 QA Engineers will be invited to attend the event. The discussion will be moderated by HTEC’s QA Engineer Milos Najdanović and will be divided into two 45-minute panels.

*You can apply through the Meetup website as well.

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