HTEC is Samsung ARTIK™ Platform Partner

Samsung Artik

HTEC partnered with Samsung as its solution provider, to deliver to its clients Samsung ARTIK™ Smart IoT platform solutions which provide the fastest path to smart IoT product and services. The highly integrated Samsung ARTIK™ module portfolio accelerates product development, reduces time-to-market and improves the total cost of ownership for IoT products.

The Samsung ARTIK™ IoT platform is typically used by various device manufacturers, like healthcare device manufacturers. The platform delivers a superior end-to-end solution with integrated modules featuring best in class security, cloud connectivity, local intelligence and a wealth of partner applications through its rich developer ecosystem. Samsung ARTIK™ is designed to accelerate development of a new generation of better, smarter IoT devices, solutions, and services.

The Samsung ARTIK™ platform unifies hardware, software, cloud, security and partner ecosystems into a single offering so that enterprises can reduce the time, cost and risk typically associated with the delivery of complex IoT solutions. Unlike other IoT platforms, the Samsung ARTIK™ Smart IoT platform makes it easy to build IoT products and services by addressing the complexity of IoT with easy-to-use, open and enterprise-grade APIs, SDKs and tools.

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