Rails Girls Workshops Supported by HTEC

Rails Girls Beograd Nis Ruby on Rails

On November 17 and 18, Ruby on Rails Workshop for Girls, under the name of Rails Girls, will for the first time take place in Belgrade and Nis at the same time. HTEC is supporting the event by providing mentors for it. Quality Assurance engineer Sandra Jeremenkovic will be mentoring the girls in Nis, and Python engineer Goran Pavlovic will do the same in Belgrade.

Rails Girls is a global non-profit volunteer community with the goal of introducing software development to women by organizing workshops for the Ruby programming language. The workshops aims to provide the tools necessary for women to understand technology and mentor them into making their first web applications. The global initiative started out in Finland 8 years ago and now has 170 branches all over the world.

Belgrade workshop, with around 100 participants, will be organized in the ICT Hub, while the Nis event is planned to host 30 applicants in the Startup Center. The workshops are regularly held throughout the year and besides Belgrade and Nis, involve cities of Novi Sad, Zrenjanin and Kraljevo, as well.

One of the HTEC’s guiding principles is sharing knowledge and thus supporting the community, and this initiative is definitely in line with these value.

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