Podcast: How Did Quinyx Create a Smiling Workforce?

Carl Geijer Quinyx Pocast Protok

In this special episode of Protok podcast, we present to you an interview with Carl Geijer, the product manager at Swedish company Quinyx. Our host Igor Trkulja talked with Carl about the birth of Quinyx – a success story of turning an idea into a startup and then building a company from it. They also discussed Carl’s management role and the workforce management tools Quinyx is working on.

Carl Geijer is the product manager at Quinyx, a company which is currently developing workforce management software that helps employees easily manage shifts, track working times and schedule leaves.

In this episode, you can find out more about:

  • How Quinyx started off
  • Quinyx workforce management tools and their modules
  • How to empower employees using innovative software
  • How to turn ideas into a prosperous business
  • What the differences between startups and corporations are
  • The Quinyx work culture
  • Carl’s advice for new startups

You can listen to the podcast here.

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