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We develop integrated custom devices that exploit cloud infrastructure, data analytics, and AI to leverage the power of connectivity and IoT.

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A Center of IoT Excellence

HTEC delivered its first IoT solution in 2008. Since then, the company has built a number of solutions across various verticals, from energy management, medical devices, and wearables to IoT infrastructure arenas such as networking, routing or middleware for data interoperability.

Custom Devices

We have the expertise to deliver fully integrated, cohesive IoT solutions for challenging business requirements. This includes custom devices that work across scalable cloud infrastructures, big data analytics and incorporate machine learning and artificial intelligence.

"Is your business ready for a world in which everything is smart?"

Srdjan Jovanovic

Srdjan Jovanovic

Head of Hardware and Embedded Engineering
Our Experience


ECG monitoring

Humeds is a complete telehealth solution for fast, automatic and remote ECG monitoring and cardiac diagnosis.

Fast analysis

Provides ECG analysis, arrhythmia detection, beat classification and clustering, QRS interval measurement and adaptive filtering.

Easy connection

Delivers connection and ease of sharing with medical experts through the mobile device.

Our Expertise

Key Benefits

  • Full IoT device development
  • Advanced analytics
  • IoT security and cloud
  • Ultra-low power connectivity design
  • Production design
  • Full certification
  • Various connectivity options
  • Supported infrastructure


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