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We master advanced technologies to reimagine, design and build new experiences for customers, stores of the future and interactive storytelling.

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Powering New Customer Experiences

We combine beautiful design with the use of cutting-edge technologies such as AI, visual recognition, pose detection, chatbots and speech recognition to make your customer’s experience unique, memorable and compelling.

Putting the Customer at the Core

Our focus is always to put the customer at the core of everything we design. Together with our client, we establish clear experience expectations, priorities, and performance metrics. We then map all software interactions against these objectives, identifying and measuring performance, as well as areas for improvement. By adopting an agile development process with full transparency and high-speed iterations, we achieve success.

"We create innovative new customer experiences around your business goals and deliver them through mastery of cutting-edge technologies."

Daniel Bobroff

Head of Retail
Our Experience


The Company

We welcomed the challenge of transforming ParkJockey into software and customer driven service oriented company.

The New Business Platform

We designed a completely new platform for the business that required open and highly customizable experiences.

The Result

Based on our solution ParkJockey managed to improve customer services, payments and streamline processes for drivers and facilitate immediate improvements in operations, security and revenue maximization.

Our Expertise

Key benefits

  • Open and highly customizable experiences for customers
  • Engaging customers with a sustainable engine for growth
  • Reducing the costs of new customer acquisition
  • Operational efficient, security and revenue maximization

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