New Filters

We excel in new forms of input from “always-connected” mobile first strategies to emerging technologies such as visual recognition, voice, augmented and virtual reality in order to power compelling levels of customer interactivity.

Always-connected Mobile New Filters
Our Solutions

Image and Video Signal Processing

HTEC engineers in collaboration with Intel worked on algorithm development, optimization and porting, as well as integration to Windows and Android platforms, developing and optimizing high-quality software/firmware for imaging and video applications on Intel DSP, GPU, and CPU platforms.

Always-connected Mobile New Filters

Mobile Platforms

In building and delivering effective mobile platforms, we focus on creating seamless digital experiences across all interfaces, frameworks, and environments. We aim to mobilize our client’s business, whether internal or customer-facing while focusing on providing real value and enhancing business capabilities and competitiveness.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Retail, entertainment, and education are three sectors in which HTEC has already delivered virtual and augmented reality solutions. These breathtaking technologies have transformed the ways in which we interact with our digital environment, providing an unprecedented experience.

AR Augmented Reality New Filters

"Early mastery of the new digital filters delivers a compelling advantage over your competition."

Vladimir Trbovic

Head of Software Engineering
Our Expertise

Key benefits

  • Optimize pricing strategies
  • Improve the retention of users
  • Revenue increase
  • Development of VR and AR solutions
  • Application integration architecture
  • Image and voice recognition
  • Video object/action detection
  • Hardware interoperability
  • Facial recognition and human pose detection

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