Platform Thinking

Platforms are eating the world. They represent a radical business evolution, separating ownership of an asset from its control. If you are part of a fragmented industry with non-scalable gatekeepers, platforms disruption is almost inevitable.

Platform Thinking Platforms
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At HTEC, we provide safe and scalable Cloud services, allowing our clients to connect, manage and ingest large volumes of data at speed. This enables them to accelerate their platform’s agility and growth, as well as to provide the nimbleness necessary to derive actionable insights and deliver a competitive advantage.


Understanding how best to monetize a platform is at the core of its success. However, this remains as much an art as a science. We combine extensive experience of monetization strategies as well as the flexibility to develop these in new directions as the platform matures.

Platform Thinking Platforms

Positive Network Effects

Achieving strong growth for a platform requires careful management of its various tenant categories, ensuring a balanced approach where a two-sided market is present, as well as the ability to stimulate positive network effects. Our platform designs create effective techniques to achieve virality while maintaining strong governance as a seamless part of the tenant experience.

Platform Thinking Platforms

"Our strength in platform design delivers unbeatable unit economics and stimulates virality and positive network effects."

Andrija Bednarik

Our Expertise

Great Place to Work

The Company

For over 30 years, Great Place to Work has been building high-trust workplace cultures that motivate employees and help drive better businesses.

Our Contribution

We were engaged by GPTW to modernize, accelerate and elevate their service level through the introduction of a new platform solution that would engage a new generation of ‘always-connected’ customers.

The Result

The GPTW platform surfaced a new layer of employee insights and quickly established itself as an important enabler in building great workplaces for a digital world.

Our Expertise

Key benefits

  • Platform design and core interactions


  • Technical infrastructure
  • Generating positive network effects


  • Developer support
  • Governance and security


  • Monetization strategies

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