We design and build robotic solutions. We manage all aspects of hardware development to enable new, more productive ways of doing business for our clients.

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The Future is Here

Robots are transforming our lives at an unimaginable pace. HTEC is here to enable businesses to take advantage of robotic applications. With already revolutionized production lines, robots are getting smarter, smaller and more capable; improving our homes and businesses in astonishing ways. With the ability to perform tasks that are considered too menial or impossible for humans, robots are destined to make many aspects of our lives easier.

Service Mobile Robot

HTEC implemented the main control and sensory system for a service mobile robot used within the domestic environment. With extensible system architecture, we rapidly iterated the design based on user feedback and delivered a fully autonomous fleet of mobile robots for our customer. The robot benefits from full indoor localization and navigation systems based on the proprietary imaging system.

Vedurs Robot

In collaboration with Robotics Lab at Faculty of Electronic Engineering, HTEC designed and delivered both a prototype and manufacturing ready universal X-Ray system robot. This incorporated four degrees of freedom to cover more than 95% of all radiology imaging positions. The robot’s main features consist of programmable and fully autonomous operations, emergency and collision detection systems and user access control management embedded directly into the device. The Vedurs Robot has been built for use in emergency rooms, following strict medical standards. It benefits from simple deployment and installation.

"Our robotic solutions operate globally within industrial, medical and home automation domains."

Darko Todorovic

Head of Research and Development
Our Expertise

Key benefits

  • Complete system architecture, mechanical design, control unit design, firmware and software development


  • Proprietary full indoor localization and navigation systems
  • A fully autonomous fleet of mobile robots built to operate cooperatively with humans


  • Path planning and collision detection and the recuperation system


  • DC and AC motor drives and design of controllers for specific requirements (speed, accuracy, maneuverability…)


  • Manufacturing ready design with CE/FCC certification 

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