Smart Data

We manage, optimize and put to work large data sets in order to deliver personalized customer solutions that reveal actionable insights.

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Our Solutions

Big Data

At HTEC, we are experienced in working with significant volumes of data such as quantitative data that emerges from extensive surveys, or high volume trading platforms. Our clients also ask us to work with qualitative and unstructured data, often long and complex, such as customer feedback, social listening and focus group data.

Data Analytics Solution

In defining and delivering World class multidimensional data analytics solutions, we focus on understanding the meaning of the data, leveraging social sciences and the use of sophisticated business intelligence.

Insight and Usability

We analyze and compare all types of data, while our design teams turn these into practical and effective visualizations to deliver new levels of insight and usability. This smarter use of data increases the chances of making well-informed business decisions while decreasing productivity loss.

"Building the right resources to refine your data and deliver actionable insights is crucial in today's world."

Daniel Bobroff

Head of Retail
Our Expertise

Data Management and Visualization


We use efficient management and data visualization techniques form the pillars of our Smart Data approach for the solutions that we design and develop.


With strong competence in big data architectures, data science, and data visualization, we deliver data-centric products and services.


Our solutions help clients leverage large data sets accumulated over time and make better and faster decisions.

Our Expertise

Key benefits

  • Increase business efficiency and deliver market insights


  • Predict and plan for sophisticated business outcomes
  • Personalize customer offers


  • Analyze large time series data sets at speed
  • Optimize pricing strategies


  • Improve the retention of users and increase revenue

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