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We welcome you as one of 30 participants that will join our quarterly Junior Development Programme and boost your career in the IT industry.

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Apply by the 5th of October.

The new JDP generation will start working on the 1st of November.

What is JDP?

The HTEC Junior Development Programme is a well-balanced career development course that uses a simulation of a real-world project as a means of teaching and learning.

This is a full-time paid development programme — we offer a monthly salary during the three months. We will offer a full-time job with a competitive salary in the industry at HTEC Group to the participants who successfully complete this programme.

Our participants are provided with enough theoretical knowledge at the start of each sprint to allow them to complete their tasks, but the focus is on learning through practice. Our team of experienced mentors work with the whole group, mentoring them and guiding their learning experience. One of our mentors also acts as a client so that the participants can have a realistic project experience.

Each participant gets a week-by-week curriculum with pre-planned tasks and supplied learning materials. The participants will be developing their own cloud platform as a team consisting of frontend, backend and QA engineers. They will go through all the phases of a project lifecycle from conceptualization, implementation and testing to delivery. This will give them a chance to familiarize themselves with exciting new technologies and round up their technical as well as process knowledge.

For further information check out our FAQ.


Who is the JDP for?

This development programme is for you if you are:

A junior with some experience

A student of some IT-related faculty course or if you have finished some IT-related studies but with no prior experience

A participant of an IT-related course or if you have completed one

Able to dedicate 8 hours each working day, five days a week for three months

We're looking forward to hearing from all candidates who are passionate about learning and growing continuously.

Apply for Junior Development Programme

Apply for one of the 30 open positions across Novi Sad, Belgrade and Nis including Java, .NET, React, React Native, QA, and QA Automation Engineers.


We’re always open for exceptional talent and will make space for the right kind of people to join us.


Work in a group consisting of Software and QA Engineers along with your mentors on a simulated project of significant complexity.

Important: All interviews are held online as we follow recommendations for the current COVID-19 situation.

What we offer

Paid participation in the development programme

Working with relevant technologies

Simulated project with a client

Opportunity for full-time job at HTEC after successful completion of this programme

A friendly and extremely pleasant working environment

Full fridge of drinks and fresh fruits, and an office packed with positive energy

Mentor support and guidance

Fast personal development

Flexible working hours


The next generation of Junior Development Programme participants will start working on the 1st of November.

You should have at least some level of proficiency with the technology you are applying for which will be graded through a standardized test. It would be great if you are a student of a related faculty course, but this is not a must. We are accepting applications from people who have worked previously as juniors in related fields, as well as applicants who are participating or have participated in an IT-related course. Please notify us if you are leaving or are prepared to leave your current employment to attend this programme as we would like to make the transition as smooth as possible.

You can apply using the form above, under Apply for Junior Development Programme heading. Only applications sent through this form will be considered.

The end date when we will be accepting applications is the 5th of October.

All applicants will be notified if they were accepted or not during the week of the 18th of October.

After you apply through the form below you will be contacted by one of our Talent Acquisition colleagues who will schedule a time slot for you to be tested. After you complete your test you will be notified if you have passed and a technical interview with one of our mentors may be scheduled after that. Once this is completed you will be notified of the final results and if you are accepted into the programme during the week of October 18th. We will select up to 30 engineers spread across all three locations, up to 10 per location.

We will implement the programme in our Novi Sad, Belgrade and Nis offices.

No. It is important that you can be present on location for the whole duration of the programme since you will be working in a team.

The programme lasts for full three months. You are expected to be present 8 hours per day, five days per week during the three months of the programme.

We will offer full-time positions to all those Junior Development Programme participants who show potential and make progress. Of course, we cannot guarantee this will happen with everyone and it is up to you to give your best effort.

Yes. During the three months of the programme you will receive a monthly salary.

We're searching for the following positions per location (the number of open positions per technology is shown in the brackets):

Novi Sad:
.NET Engineer (5), React Engineer (3), QA Automation Engineer (2)

Java Engineer (5), React Engineer (3), QA Automation Engineer (2)

Java Engineer (5), React Engineer (3), QA Automation Engineer (2)

We're open to accepting aspiring React Native engineers on all locations as well.

The programme has seven pre-planned modules which will guide each team of participants through a simulation of a real-world project. The participants will be implementing a cloud platform from scratch, meaning they will gather the requirements from the client, create project documentation, design the architecture of the solution, implement, test, and present the solution to the client in sprints lasting two weeks, as well as practice other skills such as writing business emails, communicating with the client in English, work in a team, etc.

If you have any other questions don't hesitate to contact us at jdp@htecgroup.com

Are you looking for inspiration to start your career journey? Join our JDP programme and make an impact with us. With your enthusiasm and inspiration and our expertise and know-how, we’ll take the bold step to shape the technologies of tomorrow and make a world of difference, together.

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