Tech Talks #3 - Data science

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HTEC’s series of meetups, Tech Talks, came back in full force last Wednesday with its third edition. Over one hundred people gathered at the favorite venue of Nis developers, the Deli center, to delve into what is perhaps the biggest subject in IT right now – data science.

Milos Grubjesic, one of the most experienced data scientists in the region, provided insight into the growing field of technology, emphasizing the famous motto that has been resonating throughout the world for some time: data is the new oil. Grubjesic, a former researcher at the University of Yokohama turned freelance data scientist with a rich portfolio of clients (such as the auction house Christie’s), revealed key elements of data science, while breaking down some of the most common misconceptions, especially in regards to the difference between data science, business analytics, and statistics.

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Special attention was given to entry points of data science, which is of particular importance for the small, yet budding, community of interested programmers. Grubjesic highlighted programming as the most important skill of future data scientist, with R and Python as the two most commonly used languages. Additionally, good communication with clients and deep understanding of their core businesses were singled out as the often-overlooked necessities of data science, seeing how some individual project can last continuously for up to two years.

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The hype around data science was identified as one the key issues of the trade, especially among clients. Unrealistic expectations, along with lacking data, often create problems which can be solved primarily through continuous education and mutual trust. Another interesting tidbit mentioned was the difference between working for a startup versus working for a large company. The startups tend to give data scientists much more freedom in their job, while established businesses usually work under more rigid conditions. However, the infrastructure and the overall support tend to be better in a company that is already present on the market.

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The meetup was wrapped up with a series of questions of the interested audience, ranging from the connection between data science and neural networks to more intimate inquiries, such as the financial feasibility of the field (hint: it’s high).

The third edition of Tech Talks was the most visited so far, predicting a bright future for the well-established series. HTEC will continue to provide quality content through experienced lecturers and topical discussion in the coming months, so be sure to check out our page for the new events.

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