The Magic is Born

Mina Stefanovic HR Specialist Culture

The last two days I had a fantastic opportunity to meet with one of the company’s clients, joined by our developers. We sat down to talk about a learning app the client wanted us to create. I was called to join the team as someone from the HR department who was already involved in the learning processes on both the individual and organizational level.

Mina Stefanovic, HR Specialist

The story started with the client’s general idea of what the problem and the flaws of the current situation were, how he wanted the app to solve and bridge these issues, by providing a different, more productive way of learning. What followed was his idea of the app’s features, and how the user should feel using it.

He told us about his vision. Then we went back to the backend and explaining how the app should be built and how it should function and look, and finally got to creating the structure itself. That’s where the magic was born. When we got to the same page and got tied to the idea itself, the intertwining slowly began. If we do this, we’ll enable that. If we change this, the learning process will go that way. We should add that and make the access easier for the user. Naturally, there were many dead ends, but there were many instances when the communication was good and open, which enabled us to get back on track, and back to the whiteboard which suffered through our corrections and helped us create an excellent new product which will make people’s lives easier.

What I felt was that this was an unbelievably rewarding experience – to be able to participate in creating something from scratch and assist someone in achieving their vision, and bringing something good into the world. The feeling is amazing!


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